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Roxhill ~ Attendance
Sarah Allen
Latricia Ballard

Ballard, Latricia

Bulk Satellite Mgr. Under 300

Beal, April


Binkow, Martie

4th/5th Grade Split Homeroom Teacher

Bonaci, James

PHCR Staff

Works in the Protected Health Care Room.

Caitlyn Bramble

Bramble, Caitlyn

Teacher—Music Specialist
Olivia Carter

Carter, Olivia

Special Education IA 1:1


I work one-on-one with a student in a wheelchair.

,Personal Message

I enjoy coming to school and interacting with all of the kids. 

Chen, Angie

Occupational Therapist

Cossette, Daniel

Teacher-Elementary Specialist

Ewald, Ellen

Teacher-Special Education-XT

Farley, Brenna


Farmer, Jeffrey

Certificated Substitute