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    "In a time when the educational landscape is dominated by testing and accountability, my hope is that the door to the Roxhill Library is, and will continue to be, the entrance to a literary garden where curiosity is cultivated, and imagination opens endless possibilities."

    -Pat Bliquez, former Roxhill Librarian of 21 years, upon receiving her Golden Apple Award in 2010

    Pat Bliquez Pat Bliquez acceptance speech

    Welcome to the Harrison L. Caldwell Library @ Roxhill Elementary School!

    Harrison L. Caldwell was the first principal at Roxhill Elementary, from 1956-64.

    He was also the first African American principal hired in Seattle Public Schools.

    Newspaper article about Harrison Caldwell



    Below is a link to videos with library songs (for the past six school years) and read aloud videos done by Mr. Robert.  Check back each Monday for a new read aloud for PreK-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grades.  Check here each Thursday for a new all-grades read aloud.

    Roxhill library songs and read aloud videos


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    The mascot in the Harrison L. Caldwell Library @ Roxhill is Lil' Harrison.

    Lil' Harrison

    Contact Info

    Chris Robert Lil' Harrison

    Librarian: Chris Robert
    Main Office: 206-252-9570


    7:25 a.m. to 10:50 a.m.