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    Update 5/26

    Hello! I miss you guys! I even miss clean up! (Did you ever think you would hear that? Ha!) I know that it can be inconvenient to sign in and out of 2 seesaw journals, but I still want to provide choices for you and art. It can really help us get through difficult times - whether we are doing it to express how we're feeling, calm us down or just give us something to do when we're, for lack of a better word, bored. In addition to Seesaw, I'm going to be putting tabs up on this website with examples and explanations, and then I'm going to be putting things up on padlet. Padlet is a webpage where I can put links, if you're looking for things quickly and don't want to read my explanations ;-) I'm hoping you'll find, through one of these choices, a way to keep up with your art. You all create amazing things, and I hope no matter where you are, you are finding a way to keep that creativity alive. Please or upload pictures/videos to seesaw of anything you would like to share with me and your friends.

    These will be updated frequently, so check back whenever you'd like. Keep creating!

    Padlet Sites (links to cool videos, songs, websites)

    Kindergarten & 1st grade Padlet 

    2nd - 5th grade Padlet 

    Update 5/19

    Happy day! Whatever day it is! I have been trying to figure out how to carry the spirit of choice into our home learning scenario, and here's what I'm going to try: links to topic pages that will direct you in your self-learning. Hopefully they will give you ideas of new things to try, and you'll learn ways to improve your art through examples. For example, maybe you'll learn a new way from a Legomaster how to make the base of your tower structure stronger so it stops collapsing.

    If there are topics you would like to see, please email me or message me in seesaw. I would LOVE emails or seesaw uploads of finished projects, but I realize we are all at different places now and what's important is that you are having as much fun and being as creative as possible with what you have to work with wherever you are. To get us started, click on the links that interest you below:

    3-D mediums (Architecture, sculpture, models, etc)



    Paper (collage, cut paper, origami, etc)


    Update 5/12

    Hi! I'm putting up an art challenge in our seesaw journals. It's based around that temporary art that I promised a few weeks ago. I've put the PDF in the Specialist folder (page 2) of the covid resource page if you don't have your seesaw journal code. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR YOUR CODE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT.

    Update 5/11

    Beautiful Oops read aloud in your seesaw journals. Remember to celebrate and have fun with mistakes! Don't let them frustrate you! If you make a mistake, turn it into something new, and then post it in your journal! Tell us about it! Need your art seesaw journal code? email me!

    Cool Links

    There is so much art goodness out there right now. If you're wondering "why art? I've got so much my student needs to do instead" - I totally understand. There is no expectation from me for students to turn art in, and there are no grades. But art is a great way to express yourself and get some feelings and thoughts out in a way that's different from writing. Here are some great links for your student to explore.

    Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems - 15 episodes of how to draw like Mo Willems, author of Don't Let the Pigeon books

    Cassie Stephens art lessons - she does weekly themes, and uses different media

    #Wewilldraw with Will Sliney - Will draws comic books for Marvel. He's on youtube and twitter, but this link leads to an easy page that's listed his #wewilldraw videos in an easy format. (I don't know about you, but Twitter does not come naturally to me.) Scroll down the page to find some 5 minute drawing lessons from him.