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    PTSA Meeting Notes

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    PTA Meeting Notes

    May 8, 2017 PTSA Meeting

    Present: Julian, Ali, Jenny Rose, Amanda, Jenna, Tiz, Kate, Ms. Patrick, Amber, City Year Rep, Jen, Norea

    Fundraiser/Amber: made a little over $2000
    May 24th ish the items will come in

    Camp Long:

    Festival for everyone
    June 17 11-3 @ Roxhill Park
    Celebrate and learn about local nature. Activities for kids. Food

    Treasury Report/Amanda:

    $3700 deposit made

    -Elimination of field trips next year?

    Ms. Patrick:

    -Next year’s #1 goal is to positively implement ELA- English Language Arts instruction K-5. That the kids meet state expectations in Reading. We are currently at 30-35% of students are passing.

    Field trips impact this learning time, so are being considered for changes. Time is also lost to assemblies, but field trips are the most obvious deviation from curriculum focused time. Field trips will be allowed 1 per trimester for each grade.

    The ELA will provide a consistent curriculum across the school and district.  

    -Bell Schedule: 20 minutes will be added M, T, Th, Fri., Wed is an early release-75 minutes early.

    School board needs to vote to solidify the final schedule for the daily 20” and where they will find.

    Jenny Rose/EC Hughes Playground

    -need a committee, volunteers: jen, jenna, ali, tis, Julian

    -matching funds can come from community  volunteer  time! Need to: develop the grant, looking for community support

    December 27th deadline

    Priority of Projects:






    June 2nd: lots of game for families


    FAMILY DINNER: families bring meals, karaoke, dancing, family pictures

    March 13, 2017 PTSA Meeting

    Present: Amanda, Jenna, Kate, Julian, Maty, Amber, Susana, Jenny, Jenny, Virginia

    *Discussed transitioning teachers in Mr. Popelka’s class.


    Amanda to take over as Treasurer

    Susanna to assume President position

    Treasury Report

    *$4017 in the account

    $200 from Shelby’s check bounced.

    Proposal to switch banks to a credit union, with fewer fees and more locally focused

    Motion Made by Amanda: Disbanding PTA

    Seconded by Kate

    * The association with the national/state organization does not benefit us culturally and requires money for services that are not beneficial to Roxhill. Also multi-lingual service are not offered.

    *Will still meet, have fundraisers, etc.  Act as a booster club for the school.

    *Will need to establish bylaws

    Motion Passes Unanimously

    *Teachers will always be welcomed at meetings. Discussed how to improve communication b/t parents and teachers.

    *Need two weeks notice on teacher requests.

    *Want to encourage classes to earn the money they need.

    *The 5th graders need to make money to pay for next year’s Idlewood experience.


    *Perhaps we match funds made by classes for trips and whatnot.

    *Amber: Fundraising Ideas…


    Cookie Dough

    Magazine Subscriptions

    Miss Amber would need 2 or 3 volunteers to process the orders.

    Agreed that this sort of fundraising campaign would appeal across cultures.

    Amber will also be organizing a Walk-A-Thon in May

    Garden/Playground Clean-Up

    Earth Day, April 22nd @ 11

    Virginia and her husband will be taking over the garden and planting. Will be recruiting volunteers to clean up the garden and the playground. 

    Kids do the starters in classes- Kate will lead.

    Parents Night Out

    March 24th


    $10/child, +$5 each additional child-including dinner (Costco pizza, water, and popcorn for sale).

    PTSA Meeting 2/13/17


    High Point Community Improvement Center: 2/15th at 7pm

    James Bush will be present to discuss the Racial Equality Toolbox and how it will effect Roxhill Elementary. Also discuss safety in the school- getting to school

    Neighborhoods Group matching donation for a playground at the EC Hughes campus is also possible thru The Neighborhood Advisory Committee.

    Principal Patrick:

    Construction will be present on Roxbury. Buses will be using 30th to pick up kids, so parents are encouraged to plan p/u and d/o at earlier and later times to find parking.  An increased police presence is anticipated to enforce parking laws. Roxhill Park has a large parking lot that can be used for Roxhill d/o and p/u.

    Paul Wright; SPS Project Manager

    Using input from

    $9 million to spend on construction. Currently at $8.8 million.March 9th- contract will be made, Construction to begin in May 2017 and planned to be finished in May 2018.

    Ariel Mayling- PM on this project for the project from DLR. This firm focuses on school design.

    It’s a Landmarked Blding, the exterior of the school, the cafeteria and the entry are protected and will not be altered. Seismic work is being done on the brick work.

    Southside windows will be replaced to fit the historic look and due to wear and tear due to sun.

    Want the school to feel warm and community oriented… Front entry: there will be an open space for gathering with a corkboard and white board. Windows will be added for safety and warmth. Everyone gets funneled thru the reception area.  There will be a family room/conference room up front.

    14 classrooms in the building, 8 portables (with bathrooms and plumbing) left over from the Westside School. OTPT and teachers lounge will be out in one of the portables.

    14 foot high ceilings with full length windows. Ceiling fans will be put in each of the classrooms.

    New technology into the classrooms: interactive projectors, more data outlets, wireless. NO computer lab in this school, so computer learning will be in the classrooms. New flooring.

    Replace boiler system. New plumbing and electrical. New fixtures and sinks, toilets. LED light fixture package to increase energy efficiency/ decrease carbon footprint. Heating will be controlled downtown.

    The administration space: needed to be expanded. Room for the nurses office.

    Access to building will be controlled by downtown. Lockdown/Panic Button will be in the admin space. Video screening will be used during school hours.

    Kitchen is getting remodeled, will be larger than Roxhill’s current kitchen.

    Corridor walls will be replaced and made to have increased earthquake safety.

    Brought back historical light fixtures to the front.

    Colors are generally neutral throughout.

    Making the school ADA accessible. An additional bathroom will be added to the first floor.

    Gym will remain the same, climbing wall from Roxhill will be moved over.

    Not doing much outside the building due to funding. Brickwork has been improved in case of earthquake. Will try and help out with some of the playground improvement.

    No cubbies, but there are nooks with coat hangers. Not a lot of additional storage being added. There is some supplemental funding for furnishing, i.e. storage, bookshelf.

    Ryan Luckman-Architect


    PTSA 1/9/17

    Present: Al, Amanda, Tarra Patrick, Jenna, Amber Smith, Sorenti, Zahar, Tony, Ruby, Sam (CitiYear)


    Shared Notes for review.

    Agreed to get Board approval for notes monthly after meeting and post them for parents in the front lobby to keep parents informed who were unable to make the meeting.

    Secretary will form an email list for parents who would like to get the notes via email.

    Amanda will create a flyer to go home for parents asking email, willingness to volunteer, etc., Jenna will make a box to collect forms so as to keep the emails private.

    Request for Meeting Reminders for the parents


    Wants to organize a flea market/pop-up shop using Roxhill space to raise funds.

    Per Tarra, the school district needs to be contacted and the Roxhill/PTSA.

    Jenna will contact Arbor Heights to learn about how they organized their Holiday Bazaar on AH site.


    suggested kids selling cookies and treats to fundraise.

    Roxhill Website: PTSA has a tab that can be used to communicate with the community and families.

    Jenna will shoot meeting notes to to have notes posted to website.


    Friday, January 27th- 5-7:30. Festival of Lights: looking for donations of food prepared from ones’ culture and parent volunteers throughout the day of the event.

    Student cultural fashion show. Received lots of community donations. Many performers from various cultures.

    5th graders will have a booth there promoting Idlewood, selling raffles tickets and helping out.


    SSD Budget Meeting.

    2017-2018 school year budget is based upon what money is available, not what is projected to be available.

    Racial Equality and Social Justice ToolKit : helps district assess how resources are allocated among schools. With 89% students of color and 80% reduced and free lunches, Roxhill is being considered for FTE. It appears that Roxhill should remain relatively stable thru the budget crisis.

    Presentation to the Board happens this Wednesday at 4 at John Stanford , proposed cuts will come forth there.

    Focus Day; Monday the 16th in Olympia. PTSA will be there to work for fully funding education.

    Current local representatives want to support funding education.

    Tarra will fill us in next month on the budget.