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    Welcome to Roxhill Physical Education

    Hello Roxhill Families!

    This is Coach C, your Physical Education teacher at Roxhill.

    Due to Covid-19 and school closures our end of the year Field Day will be different this year. Instead of having an all-day (one day) event at school, we will have a Virtual Field Day week.

    This week, everyone is encouraged to play games with their friends and family at home. You are encouraged to take pictures or videos and share them through our School’s Seesaw App.

    Go to and click on the National Field Day Link. There you will find many different Event Cards that you can download and look through with Ideas for you to build and make your own games at home.

    I encourage everybody to think about things that we can celebrate and remember that Field Day is about getting together, playing games, having fun, and celebrating the end of the school year.

    If you’re not able to make any of the games on the website, you should go ahead and find another way to celebrate. You could go outside and play a game of tag, or soccer, or go on a bike ride with your family. I think anything that gets you up and moving together with others would be great.

    I will miss the Field Day Events of years past and getting our whole school together playing and celebrating the end of the year.

    You can also find this information on the school website.

    Please email me or message me if you have any questions or comments.

    Thank you everyone, take care!

    Coach C.

    UNIT 1 - 5 Components of Fitness

    Unit 1 Overview

     Unit 1, Lesson 1 -  Heart Rate

    Unit 1, Lesson 2 - Muscular Strength versus Muscular Endurance

    Unit 1, Lesson 3 - Flexibility

    Unit 1, Lesson 4 - Body Composition

    Unit 1, Lesson 5 - Push Up Technique

    Unit 1, Lesson 6 - Curl Up Technique

    Unit 1, Lesson 7 - Pacer Test

    Unit 1, Lesson 8 - Fitness Circuit

    Unit 1 Visual Aids


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