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    We can do so much with paper! You can tear it, cut it, weave with it, and glue or tape it into new and interesting shapes. Check out these artists and examples of what can be done with paper - does it inspire you to try something new?

    Yulia Brodskaya is a well-known artist who glues paper into amazing works of art.Her art form is called quilling, or paper filigree. In quilling, paper strips are rolled, shaped then glued together on a base.

    Below are some examples of her artwork. And check out these short videos that show how she makes her art. 

    Creation of Vrubel Tribute Yulia creates a large portrait of a woman. 

    This video shows how she shapes and glues down the strips of paper to make words Creation of Issy Miyake Sign Video

    art work made of glued paper stripsPaper Splash

    word shine created with paper stripsShine

    tropical fish relief created with paperTropical Fish