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    If you have a piece of work in the art room you would like returned, please or message me through Seesaw. If you are not a 5th grader, my plan is to store anything you don't ask for back until next Fall, when I will return it to you.

    Choice Based Art in a Virtual World

    I'll post links, questions and ideas in content-specific areas.This will include stations we had open in our classrooms, as well as new stations like artist studies, studio habits of mind and links to works of art that you might lead to interesting conversations and observations. This information will be available here on this website, on the padlet links webpages and in Seesaw. I'm offering it in multiple ways, hoping you'll find one you like and find easy to access when you get the itch to make/learn about art.


    Click on the links to be taken to the subject's page. If you create something, please send me a picture! I would love to post examples of our work to our community!

    3-D mediums (Architecture, sculpture, models, etc)


    Artist Studies


    Paper (collage, cut paper, origami, etc)